Raphoe Diocesan Pastoral Centre Counselling Service

Counselling Services

Panel of Counsellors

The Pastoral Centre is currently forming a panel of suitably qualified counsellors to work with adults, adolescents and children. If interested, the qualifications needed are:
  • Either currently training or qualified to a Level 8 Honours Degree (or equivalent) in Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Either currently training or qualified to a Post grad qualification in Child and Adolescent Counselling

Apply to Liam Cannon, Director of Counselling, Pastoral Centre, Monastery Avenue, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal Tel: 07491 21853 Email: rdpssecretary@gmail.com

Liam Cannon, Counselling Director  at Raphoe Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal


Counselling is for anyone who at present is finding it difficult to cope with problems relating to relationships, stress, depression, bereavement, personal growth and other issues. Counselling can help small problems from becoming more serious. The Centre provides counselling for children, teenagers and adults.

For an appointment contact Liam Cannon, Counselling Director available Tuesdays from 9.30a.m.-5.00p.m. or phone the Pastoral Centre from Mon-Fri 9.30a.m.- 5.00p.m. at 074 9121853.
A Changed Life - Support Group for Families Bereaved by Suicide - Raphoe Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland

A Changed Life - Support Group for Families Bereaved by Suicide

This is a support group for anyone who has lost someone to suicide.The programme begins in Sept/Oct each year and runs for 8 weeks. This group brings participants through a programme designed to meet the needs of those bereaved by suicide. Each meeting is approximately 2 and a half hours long and a different theme is discussed weekly so attendance is important. Following completion of this 8 week programme, participants are invited to join in a monthly support group. The small group will be closed on the first night, i.e. no new participants will be allowed to join the group once it has commenced. New group starting on 1st Oct 2019. For information on what the group offers please contact: Liam Cannon, Director of Counselling at: 074 9121853

Bereavement Group

A support group for people who have lost a loved one commencing 24th Sept 2019. Groups are small and participants are taken through an 8 week programme in working through grief following a bereavement. Sessions are structured in a way that each night a different theme relating to bereavement will be discussed. Groups are facilitated by 2 psychotherapists.New group starting shortly on a Tuesday evening from 7pm-9.30pm. For more information please contact Liam Cannon, Director of Counselling, at the Pastoral Centre on 0749121853
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